Frequently Asked Questions - Scorpion Mart

We use the best quality materials, We don’t compromise with the quality, designs and we continue refining our processes. We inspire and encourage industrial Worker and Craftsmen to maintain a passion to preserve the enduring legacy of building knives and also provide such facilities which provide a better environment for work that's the reason they work hard and give us better quality.

Our Forever Warranty is proof of our hardworking and our effort to ensure the best quality. If you take good care of your Damascus knife, it will increase its age.
We use Damascus Steel because its unique, attractive and meet the exact needs of the many types of handmade hunting knives and axes. Different elements contribute different performance characteristics, helping them to look attractive and looking good.
The Rockwell scale measures are hardness test which performs by diamond tip’s penetration in material and gives us value on measure scale. Highest number count as harder material. Blade steels are between Rc 58-60.
It’s depends on the situation, If something is not right in the product or you want to change. We will deliver it free of cost but we will charge the shipping cost (cost will be include if changing product is costly).
Sharp your knife when it’s necessary and sharp carefully by edge direction, we are also selling knife sharpeners for better performance.
We provide the best customer support for our valuable customer so we will repair your knife at low cost plus shipping if damage or other faults we will repair it for free but we will charge the shipping cost.
Yes, You can get a single part of any knife and raw material or half processed knife and other related product.
If Your temperature is in minus range then try to keep your knife dry and free of ice, and after usage clean and lubricate your knife regularly.
Yes, we do custom knives work and other related products. also, provide its drafting service and raw material or half processed knives. Just email us to get more info about custom work at
Some products are on packages(No Shipping Charges) for delivery Other products having shipping charges which are mentioned with the products.
For Payment mostly used PayPal, Visa Card, Mastercard, and Western Union.
All Depend on custom order and deal.
We are getting feedback and review from many clients whole the world which are working with us form many years its guarantee our store is protected.
In the Scorpion Mart, Various Departments work as a team when our Valued Customer place orders, its duty of specific department which proceed and update the client about his/her order. Customers can also track the order process.
Client’s basic basic right to get the order invoice. So its our duty we provide invoice to client.
The client’s basic right is to get the order invoice. So it's our duty we provide invoices to clients.