Tracker Knife - TK2


Tracker Knife – TK2


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Damascus Steel Tracker Knife buy from Online Store Scorpion mart its very beautiful knives for hunters in field of hunting knives specially for Damascus Steel Tracker Knife. it’s our proudly pakistani handmade damascus steel knives product Many Hunter like this product very much specially when we made it in Handmade Damascus Steel knives its look like amazing attractive Bowie Knife. Damascus steel Tracker Knife is provided in many pattern like twist pattern damascus steel knives, Rain drop Damascus Steel knives, Line Pattern, Art Pattern, Mix Pattern and sarso pattern(Folk Name) thats famous pattern in handmade damascus steel knives.
some hunters reviews about hunting knife touch to heart when we read that they are happy after get the product because hunter wishes to use the product in hunting field they have amazing experience with that.

we request you if you have any question about the Damascus Steel Knife so feel free contact us after visit our website. Clients approaching for query about our handmade damascus steel bush knife specially Damascus Steel Knife make us happy. We provide Best product to hunter to use in hunting field in other words its hunter knives.

According to Hunter?s requirement in other word fulfill hunter?s requirement. We are selling many damascus steel handmade knives Damascus Bushcraft Knife other than Damascus Hunting Knives, Damscus Dagger knives, Damascus Axes, Damascus Hunting Knives, Custom Handmade Knives, Damascus Steel Kitchen Set.

Other Products are Handmade Custom Damascus Knives, Skelton Blade, Kitchen knives, Degger Knives which are damascus handmade made product but in this category we will discuss about hunting knives which are shown in blow one thing is more important about hunting which before buy the bulk order must contact get more info about hunting knife. Hunting knives also said as a Hunter Knives and damascus hunting steel knives looks better in handmade damascus knives. Finally you can also get leather sheath for damascus hunting knife. Sheath for hunting knives also available in custom design or custom order.

Technical Data

Handle Colored Black colored Bone
Knives Detail 4.5″ Handle 7″ Blade Knife
Sheath Included Yes
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Damascus Steel
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Fire
Custom Order Applicable


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