Handmade Tracker Knife Damascus Steel - TK3


Handmade Tracker Knife Damascus Steel – TK3


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Handmade Tracker Knife Damascus Steel are our best product. It is a type of Bushcraft Knife. However, hunting knives are also very good selling main product but the Knife nowadays becomes very famous in very short tenure throughout the world.
Damascus Steel Tracker Knife has special that separates it from other knives like Damascus handmade hunting knives, Damascus Custom Knives, Damascus handmade knives, and many other Damascus product. Damascus steel handmade Bushcraft knife unique design is also available in big sizes which may not have other Damascus products. It is our proud that we maintain our quality throughout the year and provide the best thing to our customer which makes our customers proud. The people who live in North America especially in the USA they like Damascus kukri Knife and appreciate our new design of Damascus Tracker Knife.
I want to clear here one thing more than Damascus Knives especially Damascus Tracker Knife is full handmade knives made with high quality and world best Damascus material that is Pakistani Damascus.
If we talk in hunting about Handmade Knife the hunter like to use in the hunting field especially in hunting season. As its name, Damascus Knife shows that it is specially made up for dealing with the meat cutting of hunting animals. You can buy Damascus knife from our online store Scorpion Mart. These are very beautiful knives for hunting and also the proud product in the Pakistan handicraft industry. We use the best way to manufacture Damascus steel Handmade Tracker Knife. We deal with our customer in a very effective manner and always consider that customer is always on right. We are selling many other Damascus steel handmade hunting knives like hunting Pakistani knife, Damascus custom knives, Damascus bowie knives, Damascus tactical knives. Which are all use mostly in hunting and consider a very famous product in North America especially in the United States of America. They give us a very appreciated response after using our Damascus steel handmade knives.

Technical Data

Handle Colored Buffalo Horn
Knives Detail 4.5″ Handle 7″ Blade Knife
Sheath Included Yes
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Steel
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Flat
Custom Order Applicable


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