Handmade Hammer Damascus Steel - DH2


Handmade Hammer Damascus Steel – DH2


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Handmade Hammer Damascus Steel, in other words, Damascus Thor, It’s purely made with Damascus steel so it’s called Damascus hammer. its amazing experiment made hammer with the steel its looking good with the Damascus material we have also use wood handle with some article but it looks good with a fully Damascus steel handle and head of a hammer. But its also available with a custom handle like wood handles.

The Damascus Steel Handmade Hammer is well balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. We are following international parameters of measuring that’s a reason our products are in durability. This Solid Hammer is Brand new, handcrafted by the team of Scorpion Industries.

To make the Handmade Hammer Damascus Steel we apply many processes on it like Forging process in which we prepare the steel and then apply machining process in which material get shaped like hammer, we make the hammer in different parts like top head of hammer and second main part is handle which is optional by material is available in both material like Damascus steel handle and wood handle. It depends on the customer which one material like more but hammer looking good with fully steel material. Other remaining parts of a handmade hammer are nuts. and finally, handmade Damascus hammer is available to sell its description is available on the right-hand side. For more information feel free to contact us.

  • Building on the promise of giving customers exactly what they’re looking for, plain and simple.
  • The Hammer has full-tang, Handmade steel Hammer or 3Cr13 stainless steel blade with a mirror-polished finish and a hefty brass guard
  • The handle is crafted of genuine natural bone and colored wooden panels, secured by brass pins.
  • Damascus Steel Hammer is available with beautiful leather works.

Technical Data

Handle Colored Damascus Steel
Hammer Detail Head Length 5″

Head Width 3″x3″

Handle Length 11″

Leather Grip No
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Damascus Steel
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Ladder
Custom Order Applicable


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