Handmade Axe Damascus Steel - DA4


Handmade Axe Damascus Steel – DA4


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Handmade Axe Damascus Steel is our running item. Sometimes it a replica of handmade tomahawk its made with various materials like Hardness 440C stainless steel or corrosion-resistant D2 tool steel But Damascus Steel Axe is our very special product. We also made it for a custom order or custom requirements. In which you can get custom material, size, and design of axe head and axe handle. We have various patterns of Damascus Steel like Twisted Pattern, Line Pattern, Fire Pattern, Ladder Pattern, Butterfly Pattern, and custom pattern.

Steel Axe is good selling product but Handmade Axe Damascus Steel become very famous in very short tenure throughout the world. Damascus steel handmade Axe is a Pakistani handicraft product that is available in Best quality at scorpion mart.

Handle material mostly used is wood and available beautiful Sheaths, Comes with a custom sheath that protects the sharp blade and fits the axe like a glove. Sheath mostly made of sheepskin and handmade formed to fit this functional art piece to perfection.

The handmade Tomahawk Axe is Made By 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS Custom Handmade forged(Heat and beat of red hot metals again and again to get required result) to Beautiful Pattern Random.
Damascus Steel handmade Axe has High-Quality Contents to Give an Excellent Edge and Sharp Cutting Abilities. The hardness of the blade of this Knife is HRC 58-60 Sharpened to a Sharp Edge.

This Solid Damascus Tomahawk Axe is Brand new, handcrafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop (Pakistan). The attention to detail is out of this world. This Tomahawk is well balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. What makes Damascus Knives Shop unique is that no two pieces are alike; each knife is carefully designed, carved, and hand made into a breathtaking work of art.

Technical Data

Handle No
Axe Detail Cutting Surface 4.5″
Overall Length 8″
Sheath Included No
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Damascus
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Fire
Custom Order Applicable


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