Handmade Folding Knife Damascus Steel - FD86


Handmade Folding Knife Damascus Steel – FD86


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Damascus Pocket Knife Of Damascus Blade For Hunting Knives is an incredible tool that has been relied on for centuries as it was used for sword and dagger makers. The features of Damascus steel?that includes the distinctive flow of pattern, impotent to shattering and pointy edges make it best to use as a component while making knives. Although there is a difference in the quality of old Damascus steel knives and the ones produced now due to procedure followed to compose all the elements for making stainless and sharp knives, Damascus folding knives still hold significance in today?s era. Researches are trying to acquire an old quality of more affective handmade Damascus knives until then we can utilize the current method of Damascus making for pocket knives.

Damascus Pocket Knife Of Damascus Blade For Hunting Knives

  1. They come in handy.
  2. Compact which enables you to carry it around in the pocket.
  3. Durable. Damascus steel is famous for its trait of durability. Buy it once and it will hardly ever depreciate.
  4. Sharp. Damascus folding knives are sharpest of all knives.
  5. It is lightweight which means you will not even feel like you are carrying a knife in your pocket.

Damascus Pocket Knife Of Damascus Blade For Hunting Knives like any other knife needs to be strong and durable. You might need it for first aid, camping, peeling fruits, crafting, opening boxes or letters and for protection. These knives can also be used as kitchen knives?as it has a sharp and edgy blade, it can cut even fruits or vegetables with a hard layer. Be sure to use good quality?knives sets?as low-quality steel tends to rust within a few months and does not stay shard very long.

Damascus Pocket Knife Of Damascus Blade For Hunting Knives, Now that you are aware of the benefits and necessity of homemade folding knives, its time that you must know about the finest knives to own. Following are a few examples taken from?

Stunning Handmade Folding Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel, handmade knife comes with stainless steel and a pocket sharpener. Further, it has curved as well as straight edges for your different needs. Its small and portable size makes it handy.This attractively designed?folding knife?has a black handle and a 3-inch blade with 416 coatings of steel. It also has a detachable pocket clip. After the DKC knife, this would be my first choice!

Technical Data

Handle Colored Red Sandal Wood
Size Folding 4″


Sheath Included Yes
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Japanese Damascus Steel
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Line
Custom Order Applicable


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