Handmade Chef Knife Damascus Steel - CD40


Handmade Chef Knife Damascus Steel – CD40


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[col span="2/3" ]A Set Of 6 Beautiful Newly Design Custom Damascus Steel Chef Knives use it for professional work like Stainless Steel Set or Damascus Handmade Kitchen Set. There are nine pieces of A Set Of 6 Beautiful Newly Design Custom Damascus Steel Chef Knives Cooking Tools. Knife Set 72 Layers Damascus Steel Chef Knives With Wood Handle of a chef knife with different patterns of Damascus Steel. The pattern of best handmade is a twist of Damascus steel knife. But the pattern of chef blades is Twisted and we are offering to get custom order in which you can get the custom size, custom material, and Design. There is a reason we call the best kitchen knives. A good chef is a multitasked, so a good chef knife is designed to handle multiple jobs. Cutting slicing and chopping involved in a beef stir-fry or a chicken noodle soup etc.

You can do it all multiple tasks with every single tool that can handle it all. But the best chef knife can be defined by a single set of features. A Set Of 6 Beautiful Newly Design Custom Damascus Steel Chef Knives are provided in the form of the set and set depend on various pieces like 5 pieces set or 6 pieces set to fulfill chef requirement. We are offering a beautiful leather sheath with a set of Chef Knife. Kitchen knife set are well balanced and has an excellent grip of Handmade chef knife, creating a natural weight and Satisfaction feeling when hold. We are following international parameters of measuring that?s the reason our Kitchen knives are in durability.

A Set Of 6 Beautiful Newly Design Custom Damascus Steel Chef Knives Cooking Brand new, handcrafted by the team of Scorpion Industries. Chef knives Set by using Damascus steel, Vintage chef knife, All Professional chef knives set are purely handmade designed as shown in Scorpion Mart website. Mostly product is made with Damascus Steel with various patterns and colors handmade Handles. We are also making Kitchen tools.

  • Building on the promise of giving customers exactly what they are looking for, The Hardness 440C stainless steel or corrosion-resistant D2 tool steel or handmade Damascus steel knife – plain and simple
  • The Chef knife has full-tang, Handmade Damascus steel knife or 3Cr13 stainless steel blade with a mirror-polished finish and a hefty brass guard
  • The handle is made of genuine natural bone and colored wooden panels, secured by brass pins.
  • Handmade Damascus Steel knife is available with beautiful leather Sheath.

In last, Our request to you if you have any questions about the Best handmade chef knives so feel free to contact us. Clients approaching for the query about our handmade Damascus steel bush knife especially Damascus Chef Knife make us happy. We are providing the best product to the customer.


Technical Data

Handle Colored Wood
Knives Detail 4.5″ Handle 10″ Blade
4.5″ Handle 8.7″ Blade
4.5″ Handle 7.4″ Blade
4.5″ Handle 6.2″ Blade
4.5″ Handle 5.4″ Blade
4.5″ Handle 5.1″ Blade
Number of Knives 6
Sheath Included Yes
HRC 56-58
Blade Material Damascus
Layers 176 True Layers
Pattern Twisted
Custom Order Applicable


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