Damascus Steel Custom Handmade Chef knives set | kitchen knife Professional
Bone Handle Kitchen / Chef Knives Set of 6-Pcs Handmade Damascus Steel Blades

Damascus Steel Custom Handmade Chef knives set | kitchen knife Professional

Whether you are a housewife who is obsessed with cooking or a professional chef at some restaurant, a homemade chef’s knife is an important component that must be held in every kitchen. What is a cook without a knife? Not just a simple knife but a ‘chef’s knife’.

What is a professional chef’s knife set and why is it so crucial? If this is the question in your head, then keep reading to know all about this knife. Chef’s knives were initially invented to cut thin to thick pieces of beef but now it is used in every home for general cooking.

Why the vintage chef’s knife is preferred rather than other knives?

To answer this query, in short, we would say that it is because of the characteristics of the kitchen chef’s knives sets. According to https://scorpionmart.com/product-category/handmade-chef-knife-damascus-steel/ All the quality chef’s kitchen knives are made with either forged or stamped blade. Making a forged blade chef’s knife requires skillful labor that would use the right temperature to give it the shape and texture that makes it best for slicing up easy by professional saucier artists. The blade is sharpened after forging. Whereas, if we talk about stamped blades, it cut, shaped, sharpened and polished at the same time.

The ultimate handmade chef’s knives are durable too because of the utilization of carbon steel, stainless steel, lamination, and ceramic blades. The life-span of knives is extremely significant to any restaurant’s chef. Who has time to keep buying new cutlery every few months? Incurring extra cost of maintenance for knives is an additional expense to restaurant supplies. Carbon steel knives are easy to sharpen but it is prone to stain and rust. Expert chefs’ only use carbon steel knives because of their sharpness. To save a chef’s cutter from stain, stainless steel is also used. As for laminated steel, it is a mixture of all the best materials layered above each other to keep the knife razor-sharp and stainless. Finally, the ceramic blade! It is the finest choice for every chef, but it is breakable which gives professionals second thoughts. It does not contain chemicals hence will not affect the color or taste of food.

The first choice of every chef.

Although professional chef’s knives set are the ultimate selection as kitchen tool for kitchen cutlery still cooking experts wants to buy the high quality, sharpest and durable kitchen chef knife. For that,  https://scorpionmart.com/product-category/handmade-chef-knife-damascus-steel/ provides reviews about top kitchen cutlery to decide between buying easy for individuals. The design of these knives must very specific, as you must have noticed that experts desire to do multi-tasking, therefore it is deemed vital that a single set of knives consists of all the features needed for cutting and slicing brilliantly.

the top three 5-starred chef blades that are suggested by cooking specialists are following.

  1. MAC MTH-80 Professional Series 8-Inch Chef Knife with Dimples

This is perfect for people with small hands as not everyone can handle heavy large blades. lighter chef knives are more efficient, and they are tremendous to use every day in the kitchen especially if cooking is your passion. This kitchen knife is machinated in a way to cut and slice thin pieces without making a mess or disrupting the shape. As the name points out, the knife has “dimple blades” these slumps are intended to avoid the food pieces clustering on the knife. Although it has been noticed that these dimples do not fully evade the chance of food sticking but reviewers have noticed a difference while carving fine slices. Even though it is the supreme pick-out for cutlery set, it costs quite much. A practicing chef would not blink twice for getting this chef’s knife but for beginner spending, such amount might seem too much.

  • Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife

This a second-best knife that comes in top category is Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife. This incredibly beautiful knife is not only good in looks but just like MAC, it is sharp and lightweight. It can be used daily in a restaurant or by professional cooks. It does not burden your hand with extra unnecessary weight while chopping and slicing. Further, it neatly cuts your food and does not ruin their form. Its D-shaped pattern helps to put a tighter but non-burdening pressure on the knife. One thing that you must know about Shun chef’s knives is that it is not for beginners. It is structured specifically for cooking specialists who know how to handle knives with different food chopping. The steel of Shun knife is made of Damascus steel which itself is very strong, sharp and durable but the edges might still chip due to non-professional cutting methods.

  • Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

The great thing that many reviewers like about this knife is that it is cost-effective. It costs a lot lesser than MAC and Shun, hence it can be used by people who are passionate about cooking but do not know the special cutting techniques. This pocket-friendly chef knife is better than any other knife at the same cost. The blade is quite thicker which makes it less sharp as compare to above mentioned two knives, but it is lightweight and easy to handle. The only problem in this knife is the plastic handle which was suggested to be changed by one reviewer. Other than that, people are very satisfied with the quality of the chefs’ knife they can purchase at a low price.

To get the most suitable chef’s knife.

Now That you know what handmade chefs’ knives are and the significance they hold in every kitchen, its time for you to purchase the one that suits your need and make cooking easier. If you are a chef by profession, then enhance the quality of chopped and cut food with these sharp and high-quality vintage chef’s knives.

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