Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife

Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife made of Damascus steel. Which our handmade steel product. Dual Benefit for the product as can be used in indoor or outdoor. We are manufacturing many products which are related to hunting tools.

Handmade Bushcraft knife Damascus Steel Knife has a various pattern in Damascus. Scorpion Blades have high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities. The handle crafted of genuine natural bone or wood and colored wooden panels. That’s secured by brass pins, and it has a lanyard hole. Here a big option as Custom requirements like custom shape, custom size, and custom material.

This Solid Damascus Handmade Bushcraft knife is Brand new, handcrafted by the team of Scorpion Industries. The second name of Damascus Steel Handmade Bowie Knife is Damascus Hunting Knives. This type of knife mostly hunter uses. Every kind of custom handmade Damascus steel knives is available here in Scorpion Mart. Which is the Best Online Selling point of handmade products.
We make custom handmade knives by using Damascus steel, Damascus Handmade Bushcraft knife. All Hunting knives are fully Handmade in Scorpion Mart website. Mostly products are made with Damascus Steel with various patterns and colors. Handmade handles, which are made with bone, deer horn, special kind of wood include natural materials. Those are all-natural materials.

Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife

We complete our order within time as per the deal. We are offering a beautiful leather sheath with the most of Bushcraft knives. This Bushcraft Knife has well balanced and has an excellent grip. The knife has the best handle and grip. We follow international parameters of measuring that’s the reason our products have durability.

  • Building on the promise of giving customers exactly what they’re looking for, The Hardness 440C stainless steel or corrosion-resistant D2 tool steel or handmade Damascus steel knife – plain and simple
  • Handmade Bushcraft knife has full-tang, Handmade Damascus steel knife or 3Cr13 stainless steel blade with a mirror-polished finish and a hefty brass guard
  • The handle has crafted of genuine natural bone and colored wooden panels, secured by brass pins.
  • Handmade Damascus Steel knife is available with beautiful leather Sheath.

We are providing Best services to a customer. Choose us for better services.

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